About Us

Confetti Gifts was borne out of the fact that the term “affordable indulgences” was an oxymoron in Singapore.

We wanted a place to buy special gifts (whether they were for ourselves or for a beloved friend or family) that weren’t mass-produced and that didn’t cost the earth. Service with a dazzling smile wouldn’t have hurt, too.

After a lot of looking and searching and exploring and seeking and inquiring, we came to realise that this place didn’t exist.

But, happily, for you, it does now! At Confetti, you’ll find affordable indulgences, principally hand-crafted, at surprising value in a relaxed and unpretentious surrounding through service that delights at every level.

We’re obsessed about getting things right, and a lot of care and attention goes into every product we sell. Our mission is to make someone happy. And we do hope that that next ‘someone’ is you.