We all know what it means to sit in the dog-house. Forgetting your anniversary – and I am looking at you, Sir – is a surefire way to share the bunk with Lassie in her shack. I hope the dog likes you. I don’t know the statistics, but, apparently, men are more likely to forget anniversaries than women, so it is a good idea to keep this day in your calendar. Don’t even think about showing it to her — she may think less of you for doing that — when all you are is being careful.

So the day approaches, and guess what? You do remember the day but you have just no idea how to make the customary flowers a bit more special. Actually, you don’t need to do the customary. Flowers are fine and Confetti has some absolutely stunning arrangements and posies (just look at our website) but there are also combinations of flowers and hand-crafted chocolate truffles, cakes in all flavours and sizes, and for that little extra – a handcrafted pouch, a hand-dyed natural indigo handbag, a piece of jewelry – to add a personal touch. Even a silk teddybear, properly christened with your name no less, might be worth considering, though watch out for Lassie, she likes to chew on her toys, and Confetti’s bears are collector’s items.

But what if you misplaced your calendar, or horror of horrors, despite all precautions, clean forgot? Then, whatever you do to make up has to be extra special. Here at Confetti, we are friendly and ever willing to help. Tell us your predicament and allow us to provide you with helpful suggestions. Something from our flowers and gift baskets may just be the ticket to soften her ear and her heart. Write a suitable apology on our complimentary card and this may just ameliorate a major crisis if not prevent it altogether.

So, be good. Go put that date down on your diary and set it on alert.

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