A More Meaningful Way to Give

Too often we think so little of what we give our friends and families. A movie, a book you made a judgement on based on the title, some cheap, store-bought chocolate; all of these are given too casually. Gifts should both be remembered and the way to be remembered. The tradition of giving rings at engagement or marking certain anniversaries with prescribed presents means that every time the recipient looks at it, they remember that happy moment.

That’s why a Game of Thrones DVD boxset or the latest thriller novel isn’t going to stick in someone’s mind. When you’re truly thankful, or truly sympathetic, or truly ecstatic for someone’s success, show it in an appropriate way. That doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, it just means doing a bit of thinking and working with a company who takes pride in what they make and sell.

Show your affection for friends, family, colleagues and clients

The difference is clear to see from the right angle. Confetti makes beautiful gifts to help celebrate everything from birthdays to new babies to business partnerships and new romances. A client of ours recently switched from another hamper maker to us. They’d been using this other hamper maker for years, sending their products out as annual gifts to clients. But it was only after they started sending out our gourmet baskets, with our fresh picks and professionally arranged flowers, hand-stitched presents and delicious, homemade baked goods, that they started getting thank you calls!

The right gift doesn’t just feel good to receive; it feels good to give, and it never goes unnoticed. If you show a desire to get the right gift for the right person, who knows! Maybe even better gifts await you at your next birthday!

Mark the special moments in life with something both beautiful and practical

Sometimes we want a present to pull double-duty as something fun and something useful. Nowhere is this more commonly seen than with new babies, and we always strive to pack our baby baskets with something for mum, dad and bub. You’ll find hand-made silk or linen teddies for your new child to cuddle, baby clothing and blankets, freshly made biscuits or cakesflowers and more. If you know a pair of soon-to-be parents, give them something they’ll really appreciate from Confetti.

Place your order online today for a gift they’ll always remember, and pick up a little something for yourself while you’re here! You can also call us on (65) 6284 0284 or send us an email at enquiry@confetti.com.sg.

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